Iam living with cancer Cancer was a disease known in ancient Egypt and its most popular treatment was to brand the sick part of the body (fortunately it’s no longer used!).
Introduction At her forties, my groandmother, who said “I got old now” never dressed in lively colours, especially in red, the 45 years she lived after then. This comprehension I continued as a third generation which had no interest with the age forties, became a part of the ground with her. Today people are living with the feeling of

Official Congress Newspaper – OncoPost & OncoPeople

A very popular feature of the Congress, three issues of the official congress newspaper OncoPost & OncoPeople, will be produced for ECC 2013. Comprising up-to-the-minute news, features, reports, interviews and next-day highlights, this newspaper is a must-read for all participants. All three issues will be made readily available throughout the conference centre to keep participants fully up-to-date.