On 1993 my aunt, then my grandmother and other aunt became breast cancer. I became breast cancer on 1998. I took surgical procedure, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

After the surgical procedure I made 12 day news series for 250.000 circulation newspaper. For the first time I appear on TV news and said I am cancer and talk about cancer.

We made a documentary about the celebrities who has cancer. Shown on TV’s to raise awareness. I shoot a documentary while I was taking chemo. My co-works with Bursa Cancer Society started on that time. I am still the honorary member.

Among Anatolia I made thousands of kilometers and hundreds of cancer conferences. I have established 7 assosiations as a honorary president. I work with international MECC (Middle East Cancer Consorsium) and made conferences on patient rights.

One of my 16 books is called “I live with cancer” and it has published many times.

I held conference sat Frankfurt as the guest of German-Turkish Health Association. I have awards from many NGOs & Ministry of Health for the contribution. I told about cancer on the project called “Women Wearing   Wig” by the director Kutluğ Ataman. We have attended various exhibitions abroad.

On 2009 I became breast cancer again. I lost my organs. I have talked about cancer on the media. I have establish an association in Istanbul, for the memory of my Bosnian grandmother.

I am still working at the Pembe Hanım NGO for support to cancer patients, families & kins as the president. We are a patient association.

Our aim is to protect the rights of the patients and their relatives, to inform them and to support them. On 2013, I elected for the patient associations leader meeting held in Casablanca as a speaker.  The book “I live with Cancer” by me is the first book published about this subject. And it has published many times.


‘’ I think what we feel is what we do. The unbearable lightness of being together and working for a common purpose is your soul. When you say “you are not alone” to someone else, you realize that you are not alone either. We are faced with a generous, selfish world and generous with all sincerity. We call it generous. What can you give for other women, children, teenagers, elderly people and patients? Think.‘’

Nevval Sevindi

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